Alpha Marine Engineering SA has established in 2011 a service department aiming to support local and worldwide customers. Services provided by our trained, qualified, certified and experienced engineers are related to Inspection / Maintenance / Calibration / Repair of systems listed hereunder.

KSB SEIL (ex-Seil Seres) ODME (S663MKII, SS-2000, S-3000)

  1. Upgrade of SS-2000 and S-3000 ver1 to S-33000 ver2 (bio fuel compliant)
  2. Onboard and remote support can be offered
  3. Annual inspection / calibration certification

KSB SEIL (ex-Seil Seres) Valve Remote Control System (VRCS)

  1. Onboard inspection/calibration /maintenance services can be provided
  2. VRCS system upgrade during BWMS installation can be effected

TEAM TEC AS Incinerators

Remote Support and onboard inspection / repair.


Our trained by the maker engineer can provide Level (1) services.

VGP Sample Collection, Field test and Effluent Analysis

The service can be offered in Greece, Europe, Singapore, Korea etc by our qualified engineers,
operating within our cooperator`s Spectrum Labs quality system.

BWMS Indicative Sampling and Analysis IMO D-2, MEPC 173(58)

Our services are approved by major class societies and can be offered in Greece, Europe,
Singapore, Korea and China.

Pressure and Temperature Calibrators

Onboard calibration can be provided.