Alpha Marine Engineering SA has established in 2011 a service department aiming to support local and worldwide customers. Services provided by our trained, qualified, certified and experienced engineers are related to Inspection / Maintenance / Calibration / Repair of systems listed hereunder.

KSB SEIL (ex-Seil Seres) ODME (S663MKII, SS-2000, S-3000)

  1. Upgrade of SS-2000 and S-3000 ver1 to S-33000 ver2 (bio fuel compliant)
  2. Onboard and remote support can be offered
  3. Annual inspection / calibration certification

KSB SEIL (ex-Seil Seres) Valve Remote Control System (VRCS)

  1. Onboard inspection/calibration /maintenance services can be provided.
  2. VRCS system upgrade during BWMS installation can be effected.

TEAM TEC AS Incinerators

Remote Support and onboard inspection / repair.


Our trained by the maker engineer can provide Level (1) services.

VGP Sample Collection, Field test and Effluent Analysis

The service can be offered in Greece, Europe, Singapore, Korea , China, Panama, Suez Canal etc by
our qualified engineers, operating within our cooperator`s Spectrum Labs quality system.

BWMS Indicative Sampling and Analysis IMO D-2, MEPC 173(58)

Our services are approved by major class societies and can be offered in Greece, Europe,
Singapore, Korea and China.

Assesment of NOx Catalyst efficiency

Onboard NOx measurement & NOx catalyst efficiency assessment

Pressure and Temperature Calibrators

Onboard calibration can be provided.